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How might the weather conditions affect the tour?

The tour will go on if it is cloudy, hwever, if it rains the tour will be caneled and we will refund you 100%.

Can the passengers also drive the car?

No. Only the driver will be allowed to drive the car.

Can passengers request pitstops stops during the tour?

Yes. The driver will make pitstops along the way upon request.

Can toddlers and children come along for the ride?

Not if the toddler and/or child requires a car or booster seat.

Can passengers play their own music in the car during the tour?

Yes. We encourage you to play all your favorite songs, and will provide you with an auxiliary cord if required. Alteernatiely, you can choose from our wide selection of music and pick the genre that best fits your mood.

Can passengers request stops that were not included in the tour package locations?

Yes. If you would like to make a stop that was not a part of the tour package locations we will gladly accomodate that into your tour upon request.

Is there a driver present at all times in the car?

Yes. The driver will be in the car for the whole tour.

Can passengers request specific pick up and drop off locations?

Yes. If you wish to be picked up and/or dropped off at a specific location the driver will do so upon request.

Up to how many passengers are permitted in the car for the tour?

Up to 4 passengers are permitted in the car for the tour.

Can passengers smoke in the vehicle?

No. Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. However, vaping is acceptable.

Does the driver accept tips?

Yes. If you are satisfied with your service you we encourage you to leave a suitable tip with your driver.

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